Frequently Asked Questions

What paint brands do you carry?

W&J Paints and More carries premium paint products from brands including Wise Owl and Cloverdale Paint.

Do I have to use a primer before painting?

Not every paint project requires a primer. Many of paint products we carry are pigmented enough to cover any color and have self-levelling properties. However, primers do provide a lot of benefits. Primers can:

  • Conceal dark paint colors
  • Eliminate stains
  • Level the surface
  • Improve paint colors and pigmentation
  • Increase bonding between the surface and paint
  • Boost durability

Can you cover a dark wall color?

The paints we carry can cover any color wall. Most of the paint products only require one coat of paint, even if you are covering a red wall with white paint. That means you don’t need to apply as much paint. 

We also carry primers that eliminate stains and make it easier to cover even the boldest color.

How do you clean walls without removing paint?

Many of the paint products W&J Paints and More carries are of higher quality. This means that the paints offered by W&J are even more durable. As a result, you will be able to clean your walls or furniture without worrying about the paint scuffing or chipping off.

Can I order paint products online?

While we do have a store just outside Lacombe, AB, you can shop all our paint products on our online store. We even offer shipping throughout Canada and the USA.

Why is it important to use a high-quality paintbrush?

Using a high-quality product will ensure you have a beautiful outcome on your next paint project. You will find that the application of paint and finishes is smoother and quicker. There will also be fewer bristles falling out of your paintbrush.