Wise Owl Varnishes

Resilient, clear, water-based Wise Owl Varnish is the perfect topcoat for any project - even outdoors.

Its crystal clear formula has zero amber resins, so yellowing from the varnish is impossible. It’s also so tough you can tap dance on it! This product is perfect for sealing pieces indoors that see a lot of use or traffic, such as dining room tables and chairs or coffee tables. Only three thin coats are needed to protect outdoor items against natural elements.

The Wise Owl varnish topcoat is available in Matte or Stain finishes.

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Varnish Application Tips

  • Apply in thin even coats
  • Allow adequate dry time in between coats
  • Try using Cling On F50, F40 or F30 brushes to apply for the smoothest finish