Brushes & Rollers

Often paint brushes are an afterthought when you are planning a furniture or home painting project. Some think that any paintbrush will get the job done. In reality, ensuring you have the right paint brush for the job and a high-quality product will ensure you have a beautiful outcome. You will find that applying paint and finishes is smoother and quicker. There will also be fewer bristles falling out of your paintbrush.

Paint brushes offered by W&J Paints and More are from recognized brands like Wise Owl. Explore our range of premium paint brushes and rollers on our website or visit our store outside Lacombe.

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Wise Owl Premium Brushes

All Wise Owl Paint Premium Brushes are made with premium synthetic fibres, which have gone through extensive processing to maximize paint pickup and release, the brush's durability, and the sharpness of the tips. The bristles are bonded onto the ferrule with an epoxy to ensure there is no bristle loss when painting. All Wise Owl Premium Brush handles are stained.

Wise Owl Cling On Paint Brushes

There is a reason Wise Owl Cling On paint brushes are the favourite brush among furniture painters. Cling On Paint Brushes offer superior application, resistance to shedding, and smooth, flawless

finishes. Cling On! Paint Brushes feature premium synthetic fibres, beech wood painted handles, no fibre shedding and stainless steel ferrule. In addition, cling On! is designed for all waterborne materials.

All Wise Owl Cling On Paint Brushes are handmade in Holland.

Paint Rollers

Choosing the correct paint roller can save you time and money. The right paint roller will also give you the results you want. Rollers create thin and even coats on large, smooth surfaces like walls, ceilings, and large furniture. Also, the porous nature of paint rollers allows them to hold much more paint and distribute even layers of paint faster.

We recommend the following paint roller covers for:

  • With Wise Owl One Hour Enamel Paint use Wooster Super Doo-Z
  • With Wise Owl One Hour Ceramic Paint use AllPro Pro Weave