Tools & Accessories

At W & J Paints and More we carry all the tools & accessories that you may need to get your project done. From drywall spackling, silicone sealant and latex caulking to help with all your prep work; to paint extender, applicator pads and distressing blocks to get the finished look you desire, we have it all!

Come see us at our store outside of Lacombe or shop for everything you need for your next project on our online store.

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Fusion™ Paint Extender

This product is great for those who want a longer open time with the paint, to help minimize the look of brush strokes and to extend drying time.

Painting in a dry climate or a space with low humidity? You may find your paint dries too fast. Buy yourself time with our uniquely formulated non-toxic extender – simply add it to the paint and you’ll have more time to brush back and forth to get the look you’re after!

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Fusion™ Applicator Pads

Our 4" x 6" applicator pads come in a pack of 2. These are a great way to apply our Stain and Finishing Oil or our Tough Coat.

These Applicator pads are a one time use. 

If you're looking to apply Tough Coat with a re-useable item, try our Staalmeester Rollers instead. They can be washed and reused again and again.

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Fusion™ Beeswax Distressing Blocks™

Our 100% natural Beeswax Distressing Block™ is the perfect tool to easily distress any project you are working on.

For the exact placement of distressed lines and edges, press the wax block where you would like to see the distressed antiquing effect between layers of paint.

Anything that is applied on top of the waxed areas will easily distress without too much pressure from sanding! You will notice this resistance once you are giving your piece a light sanding at the end of your application of all layers of paint. Any paint underneath the wax will remain in place, and any paint applied on top of the wax will come off effortlessly, allowing for the perfect distressed look.

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Fusion™ Paint Kit

An excellent value this kit sets you up for almost everything you need to paint it beautiful!

For a smooth finish, a microfiber roller is your best friend!

1 - 180 grit Reusable Sanding Pad
1 - 220 grit Reusable Sanding Pad
1 - Roller with frame with a microfiber roller
1 - Microfiber Roller Refill
1 - 1-inch synthetic brush
6 - Cloths for wiping on Tough Coat or Hemp Oil
1 - Tip Guide with Pro Tips on How to Prep & Apply for best results

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