Whether you are wanting to add another layer of depth to your paint project, or you want to protect your furniture piece, W&J Paints and More offers a wide variety of finishes. Our finish products are from Wise Owl and Cloverdale Paint. These are brands that provide high-quality results.

Explore all our finish products that are available online and in store at our shop just outside of Lacombe.

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Latex Finishes

Cloverdale WeatherOne® CoverCoat Exterior Latex coatings are premium latex finishes you can use on stucco, masonry and primed wood.

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Wise Owl Glazes are able to bring out details to any of your project pieces. Furniture pieces that have carved details, trim, recessed panels, and planking can benefit from glazes for a more defined and aged look.

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Resilient, clear, water-based Wise Owl Varnish is the perfect topcoat for any project - even outdoors. The Wise Owl varnish topcoat is available in Matte or Stain finishes.

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Hemp Oil

Wise Owl 100% Hemp Seed Oil is perfect for restoring old and dry wood. You will be astonished at what hemp oil can do.

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Furniture Wax

Wise Owl Hemp Oil Furniture Wax is an all-natural product that does not contain any added solvents. Hemp Oil Furniture Wax is available in clear and colored options. Use the colored waxes over raw wood to create a beautiful, strong, natural finish.

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Furniture Salves

Wise Owl Furniture Salve is called “magic in a tin can.” With this salve, you can revive, rejuvenate, seal and protect all in one easy and safe step.

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Furniture Tonics

With Wise Owl Furniture Tonic, you can revive, rejuvenate, protect and seal all with one product.

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One Hour Enamel Clear Coat

OHE Clear is a revolutionary topcoat with super-fast cure times that will allow you to return your pieces back to service in just a few hours! Available in 3 stunning sheens.

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