Cloverdale Super Acrylic II Paint

The Cloverdale Super Acrylic II paint provides a premium washable finish with a slightly softer sheen. It is also designed for improved touch-up and application characteristics. You will find it offers excellent adhesion to unprimed and non-porous surfaces. Super Acrylic II is great for institutional, commercial and residential applications. It is also ideal for new housing construction where improved washability is required.

Super Acrylic II is formulated with the latest acrylic technology. The high-performance characteristics provide maximum durability with superior stain resistance and washability. The excellent adhesion with smooth flow and levelling properties make Super Acrylic II the best choice where the durability of oil-based coatings is required. It is a non-yellowing, fast dry, low odour product suitable for interior use. 

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Recommended Uses

  • Institutional, commercial and residential applications where oil-based coatings were traditionally used.
  • New or previously stained wood surfaces such as kitchens or bathrooms
  • Woodwork, doors, trim and masonry surfaces


Features & Benefits

  • Maximum durability
  • Superior stain resistance and washability
  • Higher volume solids provide better hiding, coverage and durability
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency “No Objection Status” for all registered establishments
  • Excellent adhesion to porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Ideally suited for brush and roll application

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