W&J Paints and More carries paints from familiar and trusted brands like Wise Owl and Cloverdale Paint. These are high-end paints that will help you save time and money on your next furniture or refresh project. 

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Our paints offer:


Strong Pigmentation

Our paints only require one coat of paint, even if you are covering a red wall with white paint. That means you don’t need to apply as much paint. You can even go without primer (however, we do recommend using a primer for the best results).


The paint offered by W&J can stand up to scruffs and scraps. You are also able to wash your painted walls or furniture without damaging them.

Matte Finish

The beautiful matte finish offered by our paints provides a modern and versatile look for your next update project. 

Low VOCsĀ 

You aren’t breathing in toxic chemicals that smell bad. It is also more beneficial for those with allergies or breathing issues.

One Hour Enamel Paint

One Hour Enamel Paint, also known as OHE, is an astoundingly tough and fast-drying acrylic enamel paint. OHE is perfect for interior and exterior use on surfaces requiring a quick return to service and an abrasion-resistant finish.

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One Hour Ceramic Paint

One Hour Ceramic Paint is a luxury interior paint formulated with ceramic technology for durability. One Hour Ceramic is a 100% acrylic matte wall paint formulated with ceramic microspheres that offer superior stain-resistant properties. This paint offers spatter-resistant applications with exceptional coverage and washability.

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Super Acrylic II Paint

The Cloverdale Super Acrylic II paint provides a premium washable finish with a slightly softer sheen. It is also designed for improved touch-up and application characteristics. You will find it offers excellent adhesion to unprimed and non-porous surfaces.

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Chalk Synthesis Paint

Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint is a clay-based mineral paint that provides strong adhesion, rich color pigmentation, and an incredibly smooth finish. It is also perfect for creating blended, layered or distressed finishes.

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Metallic Gilding Paint

Wise Owl Metallic Gilding Paint is the safest, smoothest, and strongest paint on the market! You can use this incredible heavy metal paint to get the right metallic look on your furniture pieces. It can be used on metal, wood, porcelain or stone.

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